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Engage with a fascinating mixture of experiences while exploring Mykonos island on a bike! Take the time to inhale the freedom offered by a cycling adventure and capture each moment with all your senses sharpened.

What a combination!

Sunkissed routes through the rural countryside of the island.

A glimpse over Mykonos’ hidden gems and pristine beaches.

An insight into Mykonian religious, culinary and rural tradition.

The sun’s dazzling light mirrored over the azure waters of the Aegean sea.

Stress-free, leisurely and fun family tours as well as awe-inspiring, scenic rides on steep slopes.

The best solution for cruise passengers with limited time but great desire to explore.

And, as an extra treat, a quaint vineyard following bio-dynamic cultivation and offering unparalleled relaxation moments.

Meet Dimitra, your Yummy Pedals guide.

Although a country girl at heart (Mykonian blood is running through my veins after all), I was born and raised in Athens. My studies at the faculty of Translation (explaining the fluency in English, French, Spanish and Turkish) led me to the beautiful island of Corfu, before starting working in a software company in Chania. The years spent in Chania gave me the opportunity to further explore not only the natural beauties of Crete, but also my passion for outdoor activities, like mountaineering, caving, canyoning, swimming and of course cycling.

As I was trying to discover more adventurous ways of traveling, it was revealed to me that the combination of my bike, my dog and my hammock offered me unlimited freedom and unique experiences. This was the first spoke in setting the wheels of Yummy Pedals in motion, my biking adventures company in Mykonos, my grandfather’s birthplace.

I will be delighted to meet you, ride with you and share my enthusiasm, knowledge and love for this blessed island with you.


All in your (bike’s) basket!

Our top priority, as you uncover Mykonos on wheels, is not only to provide an unforgettable, authentic, cycling experience through off the beaten track routes, but also to guarantee a safe adventure. At our guided bike tours we provide insurance coverage, first aid, technical assistance, thoroughly maintained bicycles and a selection of trails under the criteria of safety.

During all cycling tours we guide you through the least used back roads to refreshingly pristine beaches, we provide an insight into our cultural and religious heritage, we offer homemade treats and make sure you leave the beach with the best souvenir, some really unique underwater photos.

Category: Leisurely & culinary intriguing

Guided bicycle tours for families, hen/bachelor parties, cruise ship passengers (looking for a half day tour), newbies or just cyclists who want to take it easy on their vacations in Mykonos. Especially if you are looking for activities for kids and teens during your holiday, these tours are just right for you.

The focus is on a fun, stress-free, leisurely-paced experience for all.

Inventore voluptates velit totam ipsa

#2 Fokos Tour

Cycling style: Families, mixed groups, average riders or beginners
Level of difficulty: 2 / 5
Duration: 4 hours

A child-friendly, manageable by any rider, bicycle tour that will take you through predominantly flat countryside, with occasionally only hilly terrains, to the spectacular beach of Fokos. Half part of the trail is on earth road, but it doesn’t present any danger or difficulty.

Inventore voluptates velit totam ipsa

#3 Bike & picnic tour

Cycling style: Family cycling, average riders or beginners
Level of difficulty: 2 / 5
Duration: 5 hours

Addressed to local and non-touristic experience hunters. Explore not only the natural beauties of Mykonos, but, additionally, its rich culinary and wine tradition first hand. An easy- to- manage itinerary allowing you to take your whole family or invite even your non-cycling friends along. Our most popular biking tour, with only occasional hills and half of the route winding through the reservoir of Ano Mera on earth terrain.


Category: Romantic

For couples, honeymooners, birthday and anniversary celebrators or just groups of friends who never cease to be romantic souls.

A private bike tour to a secluded beach, where you will enjoy full privacy allowing you to express all your intimacy and love.

Inventore voluptates velit totam ipsa

#1 Romantic ride at dusk

Cycling style: Any level riders
Level of difficulty: 2 / 5
Duration: 4 hours

Submerge into your most romantic mood, while enjoying the sheer magnificence of the landscape, sipping your local wine at dusk and covering your partner in tenderness. An easy cycling trail with hilly parts, the length and inclination of which depends on the selected destination.


Category: Medium Difficulty

These biking tours will intrigue your sense of wonder and adventure, providing a deeper insight into Mykonos’ cultural and natural heritage, while challenging you physically at the same time. Whether an alternative activities lover, a tradition explorer, an azure waters hunter or simply an active adventures seeker you will find your ideal cycling tour here.

Inventore voluptates velit totam ipsa

#4 Lia & private beach tour

Cycling style: Average to frequent & experienced riders
Level of difficulty: 3+ / 5
Duration: 4 hours

If you do not get intimidated by steep slopes and you want to uncover the natural beauties of Mykonos and its coastline’s turquoise-blue waters, this tour will give you access to two beautiful beaches of the island.

Inventore voluptates velit totam ipsa

#5 Private beach (or Fokos) & Monastery tour

Cycling style: Average or frequent riders
Level of difficulty: 3+ / 5
Duration: 5 hours

An excellent introduction to the very distinct characters of Mykonos Island, featuring a fascinating mixture between our religious tradition, a pristine beach and a landscape reminiscent of the mythical stones of Hercules’ victory over the Giants.

For a short part of the trail we ride through busy (during the peak season) roads so this tour requires some familiarization with riding in some traffic.

Inventore voluptates velit totam ipsa

#6 Private beach & Monastery & Fokos beach tour

Cycling style: Experienced cyclists
Level of difficulty: 4 / 5
Duration: 6.5 hours

An insightful but long tour into Mykonos’ traditions, natural beauties and amazing beaches. We traverse the central part of the island from its southern part to the northern beach of Fokos, passing through the village, the reservoir and the rural landscapes of Ano Mera.

It is addressed to cyclists feeling at ease on main roads and hilly inclines.


Category: MTB training

Tours addressed ideally to MTB junkies, but also those who get intrigued by the wildernesses of Mykonos Island and its off the beaten track hidden natural beauties.

If you are looking for real adventure activities, these tours are tailor made for you.

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#7 Wind Turbine tour

Cycling style: Medium to well-trained cyclists
Level of difficulty: 4+ / 5
Duration: 5 hours

A physically challenging tour, as we cycle up the mountain (on paved route) in order to reach the wind turbine, from where we can enjoy the most amazing view over the northern coastal line.

For those who can handle the extreme, but thankfully short, subsequent inclines, this is one of the most scenic rides


For private and fully customizable tours, prices substantially vary.
In this case, please fill in the contact form further down.

All our biking tours start from and end at Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm,
offering you the chance to unwind with a wine tasting experience.

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Mykonos, Greece

Yummy Pedals is located at the Organic Farm & Vineyard “Mykonos Vioma” at the region of Maou, Ano Mera.

GPS coordinates are:
N37.45946° E25.40811°

Phone: +30 22890 71883
Mobile: +30 697 2299282
Email: info@yummypedals.gr

Driving Directions

While driving along the central road leading to Ano Mera (coming from Mykonos town), still on the main road, you will find on your right hand a bakery at the outskirts of Ano Mera village. Across the bakery you will see a war heroes’ monument and a sign towards Fokos beach. Turn there, following the sign towards the beach of Fokos.

At the second sign, continue left towards the direction of Fokos beach once more.

At the third sign, where the intersection of Maou-Doubakia-Fokos is, turn right towards Doubakia-Maou and follow the road ahead, until you meet the vineyard on your left hand, after approximately an 800 meters distance.

If you don’t have your own means of transportation, you may take the bus to Ano Mera (from the old port) and we’ll drive you to the farm, free of charge.

Wine Tour

Mykonos Vioma

Explore Mykonos’ wine & culinary tradition at the historic vineyard of Mykonos Vioma.

Escape the stereotypes of Mykonos buzz by visiting Vioma, an organic vineyard and charming little farm, untouched by modern and touristy influences, where the vines grow with classical music.

Come and discover more at the monastery vineyard of Maou, where you can live an authentic and unique wine tasting and farm-to-table experience after your biking tour - or independently.

Make a resevation through your cycling tour ‘s booking form or contact directly mykonosvioma@gmail.com

Visit Mykonos Vioma site


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